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Rapid Rollout CMS

Min Est $1920.00 | Min ETA of 10 business days

rapid-rolloutWordPress websites are built on top of themes. I provide an explanation of what this means to your work with me in this article here.

Having chosen WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS), you send us the theme from your designer or favorite theme shop, or we can select one together.  We’ll assess the theme’s security, and implement it as securely as we can on the hosting provider you choose or we recommend (we don’t take on projects for websites hosted on GoDaddy, HostGator, DreamHost, Site5, or BlueHost due to serious quality control issues with their hosting practices and technologies). We’ll also provide you with a report of security aspects you may need to be cautious of, and we’ll include 50+ WordPress tutorials to help you get the most of out of WordPress. We’ll even create site-specific videos that are related to the theme you had us implement.

When To Use This Service

These websites can be a fantastic way to get your presence up and running quickly on the web. It gets you into a CMS with an attractive design and the control you need to launch your business into it’s next phase. Though these types of websites are not elligible for our Deep CMS Integration, these sites can be very effective at providing the right level of website for companies looking for a brochure-website facelift with some control over the website’s content themselves. Here are some other reasons to use this service:

  1. You need a fully functioning, extensible CMS, not a consumer-grade DIY web builder.
  2. You do not need the extensive functionality of our more sophisticated builds, such as providing online invoicing, a customer portal, an inventory management configuration, or other functional enhancements that could conflict with a code base that is unknown to us.
  3. Your needs are minimal when it comes to modifying the chosen theme to fit your project, and might include minor layout modifications, color changes, logos, and other effective surface changes we provide in this package. We do not provide extensive design customization in this package, nor is it entirely necessary most of the time since these sorts of themes tend to come with built-in ways of dramatically altering both their layouts and design.
  4. We are both reasonably sure the chosen theme author or company provides trustworthy code.
  5. You are willing to learn the theme’s deeper workings yourself to get the site just the way you want it, or pay additional fees to have it further modified for you in that regard if possible. Keep in mind, we will have to learn it too. Every theme is different, but this is what we do and we learn very quickly.
  6. You need a CMS-based website setup quickly but you don’t want to look cheap.

Not all themes are suitable for professional websites. Should that be the case with your chosen theme we will tell you why and offer alternatives. Most themes come with a money back guarantee if unlicensed within a certain time period, so if our assessment compels you to seek such compensation you may cite our report in your request.

Please see our other services if you need help creating or placing content and media for your new website.

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