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Foundation Package

Starting at $4250.00 | Minimum ETA of 30 business days

foundationWordPress websites are built on top of themes. I provide an explanation of what this means to your work with me in this article here.

We implement your website using one of the many sophisticated, vetted as safe, starter themes in this iThemes theme library. These themes are chosen for their safety, layout (not their design), and ability to support the nature of the content you have told us you will be placing into the site.

The Foundation Package is for those needing a professional-grade design applied to a safe code base. This package includes our Deep CMS design with extensive training of your in-house personnel for both content updates and general website management. It also elligible for SMASH with no audit fee.

Features and Benefits

  • All the ease-of-use WordPress is known for, plus our Deep CMS Integration providing you with the ability to update aspects of your website yourself that would otherwise require knowledge of code.
  • A more secure WordPress website built on the code base of one of the world’s most reputable providers of themes to developers: iThemes.
  • A drag’n’drop web form builder with sophisticated database export options, confirmation routing, and more to track those critical contacts.
  • An enhanced photo gallery system that makes image management across photo galleries or albums much simpler without sacrificing cool features.
  • Navigation Menu features that make it easy for you to manage this critical aspect of your website yourself, both for desktop and mobile displays. This one capability alone gives you tremendous flexibility and easy control over your website’s entire content architecture.
  • Many more capabilities are available that we can determine together.
  • Eligible for our Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH) service without the assessment fee.

Foundation websites can be scaled in different ways as the need arises months or years down the road. This means you can add new system level layouts (some call it the site’s design shell), take advantage of updates to mobile code as iThemes continues to evolve their core code for better end-user experiences even after we’re finish with it, expand it with new capabilities, and more.


Actual website capabilities are unique to each engagement, and the price reflects our experience as to the anticipated complexity and features that might be needed at this level and budget. This is where talking to us will be critical. It’s simply not possible to list all the different ways we can enhance this package within a given budget. It really depends on what you’re asking for.

How We Build Together

We use a variety of online collaboration tools to facilitate the steps below with you:

  1. We will select a starting layout from iThemes. Among other considerations, our selection is influenced by our conversation with you and what we believe will be the appropriate content density the design should support.
  2. We will enhance the design for more impact but make few, if any changes, to the layouts themselves unless absolutely required. This preserves cross-browser compatibility and responsive design requirements without increasing your budget.
  3. We will implement the chosen design and train you as extensively as you need on content management within the site, or anything else you need to know in order to run this site internally and/or with our help. We can even train you or your IT staff on our SMASH configuration standards, allowing you to totally remove us from the equation if that works best for your organization.
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