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Foundation Layout Library

The themes shown at the bottom are used for their layouts (not so much their design) to create a Foundation Package website. While we can implement just about any theme from any author, websites implemented with this extensive library of child themes from iThemes are used as part of our Deep CMS Integration approach to website construction. The decision to start here also has to do with the extremely clean and secure way these themes are built. Fancy themes are great eye-candy but most of them have the following problem:

  • Poor performance and no developer documentation.
  • A code base from a relatively unknown entity with no way to validate how safe the code actually is to run.
  • Often they are built through a fly-by-night “business” to sell gee-whiz theme packages with no real ongoing professional development and support available.
  • They rely on additional plugins or third party software which may itself be problematic from a performance and security standpoint.

None of this is a a concern with iThemes products. In addition, we’ve optimized our entire design and development process around iThemes products. This makes us well suited to design great looking websites from their relatively minimalist themes, without having to worry about compatibility issues, performance problems, or security holes.


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