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Enhanced Mobile Design

Min Est $500.00 | Unavailable for Rapid Rollout CMS
who-uses-usEfficient, Beautiful, Functional Mobile Web Design

Does your WordPress site have functional areas such as a shopping cart, 3D CADD Model Libraries for client download, inventory management solution or some other workflow critical aspect that needs to behave well on mobile devices too? We can improve the appropriate User Interface (UI) experience for almost any WordPress site on mobile, immediately increasing your website’s relevance and utility to your customers and employees.

Beyond the mobile design augmentation we offer for every specialized website we build, there are deeper user interface requirements on many operations-focused WordPress sites. Enhanced Mobile Design is available with our Foundation and Solution Framework packages. Rapid Rollout CMS themes always use their default, built-in third party provided mobile experiences. Our service creates an enhanced mobile design for both the front end of your website and any workflow components such as inventory, invoice payment, or other specialized functional areas. Although basic mobile design is included with both the Foundation and Solution Framework packages, our Enhanced Mobile Design service goes further into specific layouts and user interface controls, making it a natural mobile experience rather than one that feels as if it was adapted from the desktop design…even though in fact it is.

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