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User Experience (UX) Design

$3800.00 Min Est | Non-Disclosure Agreements OK
uidesignWe provide interactive prototypes and state-driven screenshots for prototypes in order to accurately convey some of the more subtle, and otherwise complex, concepts that are involved in furnishing a superior user interface. We bridge the gaps between product managers, app designers, marketers, and the end-user by taking into consideration the total context of the target use case environment. This allows us to derive a consistent metaphor that we can then adapt and apply in a variety of situations to make your UI extremely efficient and easier to use for your end users.

Most clients requiring these services ask us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. As long as it does not conflict with our own Memorandum of Understanding or some other context at the time, we will readily agree to sign such a document. It is precisely for this reason that we currently cannot portfolio our previous work in this regard. However, we may be able to get approval for previous work on projects that have since been powered down. If you need samples of this work, please contact us directly.



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