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Web Hosting and E-mail

While we do not resell web hosting and do not provide setup and maintenance support for e-mail, we do have definite opinions about where we are comfortable implementing WordPress: or We are evaluating new providers all the time, but essentially have found a majority of the hosting services inadequately provision server resources to accommodate the needs of WordPress, are flawed from a security perspective, and difficult to work with when we try to actually secure websites we build. In addition, they may have outsourced their infrastructure overseas to save money, and the person you call to get help in times of trouble may be many levels removed from the actual business that is reselling the hosting services.

For more information on shared web hosting and what to expect from today’s providers, please review this video article.

If you were considering using GoDaddy, please review this PDF file here. We will not build systems using GoDaddy hosting for any reason.

Splitting Web Hosting and E-mail

If you need to move to a different web host, but have all your e-mail stored up on your e-mail server for your organization, you either need to keep it where it is or migrate it (very painful) to the new web host. A migration is usually not worth the cost and trouble it can cause. An IT professional (not us) would need to get involved and then all your machines and devices would need to be reconfigured to reach the new e-mail server. This is all usually unnecessary. A competent IT professional can split your e-mail and your hosting for you, freeing your website from the confines of a particular hosting service and preserving your critical e-mail environment.

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