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Security and Maintenance (SMASH)

Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH) Service:
30-day free trial, then $35.00/mo
+ $250.00 one-time assessment fee if this is not a WordPress website we built.
Contact us to get started, as we do not automatically activate this service without talking to you by e-mail or phone first.

smashOur security and maintenance service keeps your website updated  and backed up. There is no commitment to use it and you can stop paying at anytime and we will cancel the next month of service.

If we did not build your website, we can still assess it’s viability by using our one-time assessment. This fee is waived if one of our partners built the site. If the site is not eligible for our service due to hosting configuration issues or other problems that would need to be corrected first, we will detail this for you as part of our assessment of what needs to happen next to get your site secured.

This service provides redundancy to the your web host’s own such practices, and gives you the flexibility to determine how locked down you want your WordPress site. We use a variety of approaches to make WordPress less susceptible to hacking, and we create offsite backups that can be used in case a hack occurs. Not all web hosts support the things that are required to sufficiently secure a WordPress site. When that is the case, we will let you know as part of our assessment as well.

This service also furnishes monthly reports that are published in your HUB page at Like all of our services, this one too is subject our Memorandum of Understanding.


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