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Hack Recovery

First Hour is Free | ETA within 4 – 7 business days | Min. Est: $850.00

hackremediationYour WordPress site got hacked, and you’re not sure where to turn. Contact us and let’s see what we can do. If we can’t fix it, we probably know someone who can, and we will do whatever we can to get you the help you need. We work with some of the best names in WordPress security and recovery to help get hacked websites back online as soon as possible.

But it doesn’t stop there. Success is the best revenge. We’ll harden your website against future attacks, and profile the attacks you experienced while monitoring any new incoming threats closely. This will allow us to adapt our security stance around your website to keep it safe for everyone involved.

To be eligible for this service you need to be on our Site Maintenance and Security Hardening (SMASH) service. Hack Recovery is a subset of that plan since it is very comprehensive and not just a one-time fix.  The good news is that you can sign-up for SMASH at anytime and the first hour of remediation attempt is free. This is usually all it takes to rescue a hacked website once it’s been on our plan for awhile. Because we build-in backups and other other redundancies, it is usually not difficult for us to restore the site back to it’s pre-hack status and then modify the security profile if possible to impede further hacking attempts.

If we did not build your website, that’s OK. Before we bill you for anything we’re going to ask you a set of questions to see what it is we’re going to need in order to have a good shot at recovering your website. If we don’t think we can fix it, we will let you know before any charges are incurred and then we can tell you what needs to happen or if another company we trust needs to get involved.

The total cost for remediation depends largely on the compliance of the website with our security standards and the depth of the hack. Typical scenarios for sites we built (yes, they can still get hacked though it is rare) are usually within the free 1 hour time frame. Outside of that we’ve documented as high as $3200.00 in an extreme case where an entire directory system of WordPress sites needed to be remediated and clean files had to be sourced. Most sites we did not build will come in around $850.00.

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