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Advanced Techniques

Coming Soon: FREE Webinar Series of Advanced Techniques in WordPress

rapid-rolloutGo beyond the Page and Post Editor, and learn more about this amazingly powerful website we’ve built for you. We use ReadyTalk┬« screen sharing to provide a smooth training experience even on slower connections.┬á Here is just a sampling of what we can teach you:

  • Learn how to build incredibly useful web forms with GravityForms
  • Batch process images for better web viewing
  • Tricks for testing marketing copy
  • Learn about Widgets and how to really use them
  • Redirecting Google to a new page when the old page is no longer present
  • Changing your page hierarchy and navigation structure without breaking your design
  • Digging into your photo gallery’s real capabilities
  • Cleaning up and dealing with your media library
  • and so much more.

Each webinar in the series is tailored to show you techniques to dramatically improve the content you create outside of WordPress, and how you manage it within WordPress. After 12 years of building websites, we have a learned a lot about the challenges our valued clients encounter when they take over their own websites. If you are willing to learn something new and then put in the time to practice what you’ve learned, your ability to truly leverage the significant power of your WordPress website will be much improved.

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