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White Paper Authoring

Starting at $6500.00 | ETA dependent on subject matter expert availability

whitepaperWith over 25 years of technical writing experience, our White Paper Authoring service puts professional authoring services at your disposal. We can ghost write white papers on a wide range of topics, including process management, software development tools, medical devices, and more. Using a proven authoring approach we interview your scientists, your doctors, your engineers, and other subject matter experts within your organization directly involved in the service or product catering to your niche audience’s specialized values. Because these services often require confidentiality, we cannot provide an extensive library of samples, but here are two older samples we can provide in part (confidentiality prevents us from using anything more current) so you can get an idea of our capabilities as it relates to white paper services:

pdf_smallContextual Static Analysis

This engagement required understanding the core value proposition associated with finding vulnerabilities in C/C++, and describing how this client’s software improved code while mitigating the costs associated with creating well formed code (refactoring). It required training on the fundamentals of refactoring, source code analysis techniques, software iteration planning, and more. Once that training was completed, we were able to begin writing the white paper with frequent reviews by subject matter experts for accuracy.

pdf_smallVST Myodynamic Device

For this assignment, we were retained by the device’s inventor, Sandy Wheeler (the founder of Bowflex), to interview the scientists and electrical engineers that helped create it and produce a white paper with physicians and physical therapists as the target audience.. Our target audience included doctors and physical therapist. This white paper was also used as part of the FDA clearance authorization process which we helped manage for the client, and so had to include aspects that would clarify key points important to the FDA’s evaluation.



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