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Content and Media Management

$250/mo. | Most work completed within 4 business days depending
Contact us if you think this might be helpful in your situation, as we do not automatically activate this service without talking to you by e-mail or phone first.

content-media Our website builds don’t place any actual content into your website, but with this service we can do that and much more! Our Content and Media Management subscription based service for $250/mo.  allows us to place and update your website’s content for you on a continuing basis, while managing your website’s various media assets, including the Media Library itself. This service is often used after we have completed the Website Build service if our clients realize they just are not going to have time to update their website’s content before or after go-live of their new website. It provides an almost 50% discount from our hourly rate if more work is required beyond the monthly fee, which authorizes and covers the first 4 hours of work. Placing content into a website we build is something we can usually do much faster than our clients, who sometimes need our help when they get too busy to manage their own content.  We can also provide great media editing services. For instance, we can batch process hundreds of photos per minute to make them look great and load fast on the web before uploading them into your website. The major benefits are:

  • Provides 4 hours of content management effort, including meetings and e-mail responses, then $45/hr billed in 15-minute increments thereafter. That’s almost 50% off our normal hourly service rate of $85/hr.
  • Media management is continuous and incurs no hourly fees so long as others uploading media follow certain rules. However, if this service is engaged several months down the road and we need to perform large scale media cleanup, that could consume the initial 4 hours during our first exposure to your Media Library.
  • Most work is completed within 4 business days, depending on the request of course.
  • This service cannot be engaged during a Website Build.

Content related requests can simply be e-mailed directly to us, but we will ask that any media related to the request get uploaded into something called  ExaVault. ExaVault is a system we pay for, not you. It provides an easy way for you to upload large files to us without having to use drop box, yousendit, or other such services. We will setup an account for you under our system and send you the credentials to login. It provides easy to follow instructions on how to upload files, and your files go into a restricted area where only you and us can access them. We’ll provide a secure place for you to easily login and upload your files at

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