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Shared Hosting Performance: The 2016 Race To The Bottom

Only and now remain as two vetted shared hosting companies that adhere to best practices. The excellent people at Site5 have been replaced by offshore outsourcers that treat people like they are a big inconvenience. However, hired all these wonderful folks, and are now top our list for excellence, along with (whom have never let us down in over 20 years of working together).

Our video article from 2015 still holds true as of late 2017, and in fact the situation has become more dire. DreamHost and GreenGeeks continue less-than-best-practices at several levels business customers should be worried about. However, EIG has purchased HostMonster (October 2016) and Site5 ( March of 2016, and this same company ruined DreamHost and HostGator). The deterioration in server performance and customer service has been immediate. So, even though was great at the time this video was created, that changed.

Sadly most shared hosting companies of the world have all been bought by that same company, EIG. It’s actually an investment group so essentially a group of shareholders just buys up companies and rolls all of their new acquisition’s customers into their servers and abolish all the existing infrastructure and staff. It’s truly the closest to an evil organization we’ve had the misfortune of having to deal with.

By offshoring both their technology and customer service, these companies no longer provide top tier support or products that we would consider commercial grade. 1-hour wait times with tech support while inquiring about a site being down is not uncommon, along with multiple billing errors, domain interference, and other problems. These companies also provide inaccurate server status reports. In the case of HostMonster, no ticketing support desk is available any longer, meaning you must hold on the phone, or wait for an hour in chat. It took us 40 minutes on hold in CHAT support, then another 20 minutes to get our “account verified”. We were then told the server was “down” and given no explanation of why this had happened for the third time in a week. Please beware of these companies.

What business clients should take away from this is that  most web hosting companies do not use good infrastructure, nor are those they hire for technical support necessarily trained and familiar with the infrastructure being used to host your web presence. This is, of course, exactly how they offer cheap web hosting. Some of the problems I’ve identified in this video can have serious ramifications for the overall security stance of your website.

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