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Who Uses Us

who-uses-usWe are most beneficial to government or private organizations that need web usability experts for implementing a website based on a content management system, where WordPress is an acceptable platform, and staff are highly motivated to learn how to keep the website’s content current. We are usually contacted in one of two situations: Marketing objectives require something to be done on the web, or operational objectives require using the web to fulfill or automate a specific set of workflows (which may themselves require help defining) that may impact back office operations.

Our careful approach to project planning and execution  is always important, but if your project includes building a secure research archive for your scientists to use collaboratively, or perhaps a way for your investors to see their walnut groves progress from harvest to nut drying in near-real-time, or includes some other important functionality that the website must provide, then you’re going to be very happy when all the phases required to make that happen are known, budgeted, and timelined in a way that a normal person can easily understand.

The people that use us are typically in medical, agricultural, manufacturing, scientific, tourism promotion, or are engaged in government funded initiatives (grants for example).  This is because we offer a range of value-added services that make us attractive to these industries, and in this regard our experience can provide a collaborative helping hand to internal staff that may be looking for a fresh set of eyes to see things a bit differently.

Our close collaboration with print-media designers, videographers, photographers, writers, graphic designers, and battle-tested, seasoned American programmers, provides a continuity of care across different types of projects; with clear accountability to you.


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