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Dr. Verma, MD

We built a website for the office of Dr. Raman Verma that provides an easy, one-click method for patient feedback to become placed as testimonials on the website’s homepage, complete with appropriate formatting. The site’s primary audience are those seeking weight loss and those seeking a general practitioner. At the time the site was posted, Dr. Verma was one of the very few physicians in California’s Southern San Joaquin Valley that was board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Read More→

Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation

portfolio-kdmfKaweah Delta Medical Foundation is the only integrated medical network in the Tulare-Kings County area of California. This small, simple website was built to provide Kaweah Delta District Hospital marketing staff with a website they could easily maintain and control.
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The Lifestyle Center

This is Visalia’s largest gym, and is owned by Kaweah Delta Healthcare District. This website works in a similar fashion to the other sites we’ve built for Kaweah Delta Healthcare District, so the skill sets we taught them are portable across all their web properties. The IT staff at KDHD were amazing to work with, along with their great marketing team and TLC staff. Read More→

Sequoia Prompt Care

port-sequoiapromptcareThis urgent care website built for Kaweah Delta Healthcare District replaced a previous site over which staff had no control. Our DeepCMS approach was adapted for this design though it did require a somewhat restrictive approach to mobile at the time. Read More→

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