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UX Design

UX Design for Simplifying Complex Pump Component Ordering

This UX Design project was to eventually create an interface over the top of an SAP-like system for the food processing industry, and in particular to reduce ordering errors that could cost Kraft, Nestle’, and others in industries that purchase ViscoTwin Pumps thousands of dollars every day. The database stores millions of parts, including micro-valve components for other aspects of the overall pump and piping installations the company implements as part of it’s core business model. Because these installations are international, each costing well over $10 million dollars per installation, procurement mistakes by plant managers are extremely serious concerns. Read More→

Social Media Startup Prototype UX Design Samples

In this engagement, we worked with Sandy Wheeler, the Founder of Bowflex, to create prototypes of a user experience that would simulate and capture the target environment of a proposed social media startup, including defining the compelling aspects of that environment and suggesting how to implement concepts related to the site’s core value proposition. The small sample of screens below are a subset of what was created for this project. Read More→

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