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Technical Writing

Other Technical and Business Writing

Due to the proprietary nature of this sort of work we cannot post samples online. Here’s a short list of the types we’ve worked on:

  1. PDF User Guides and Video Training Streams for all of the websites we’ve built.
  2. Site Integration Maps that provide detailed information on how some of our most complex web builds are constructed and maintained.
  3. An HR Policy manual for the maintenance of an ADA Compliant website we built.

White Papers

pdf_smallVisual Backtrace Capability of Sempre (software) from Toolbuilders Laboratories, INC.
This was a tool marketed to the Department of Homeland Security that employed a poweful desktop code parser (instead of having to run it on a server) so that programmers could run some rather deep tests on uncompiled code (embedded C) prior to repository commit and involvement by QA.

pdf_smallVST Myodynamic Device
For this assignment, we were retained by the device’s inventor, Sandy Wheeler (the founder of Bowflex), to interview the scientists and electrical engineers that helped create it and produce a white paper with physicians and physical therapists as the target audience.. Our target audience included doctors and physical therapist. This white paper was also used as part of the FDA clearance authorization process which we helped manage for the client, and so had to include aspects that would clarify key points important to the FDA’s evaluation.

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