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The Lifestyle Center

  • This site is located at
  • Hosting is with (trusted since 1997).
  • The site is based on our Foundation Package.
  • It contains our Deep CMS approach.
  • The site is mobile compatible.

We launched this site just before Christmas 2016. The site is mobile compatible, provides ease-of-use capabilities built in using our Deep CMS approach, and works in a similar fashion to the other sites we’ve built for Kaweah Delta Healthcare District, so the skill sets we taught them are portable across all their web properties.


Jack Griggs Propane


  • This site is located at
  • Hosting is with (trusted since 1997).
  • The site is fully mobile across multiple form factors and orientations.
  • Both the site’s desktop menu and mobile menu are easy for the client to manage through a single menu update interface. This includes parent menus that don’t erroneously activate on touch devices.
  • Pages can be printed or e-mailed, with visitor control over the level of detail they want.
  • This site is SSL ready, with the invoicing features for user self-service turned off for now.
  • We helped this client determine if a middle-ware bridge to their legacy financial system would be beneficial as part of this build phase or the next.
  • This client is fully self sufficient on managing the content of this site. We provided screen-sharing based training and over 50 videos in the back-end dashboard of this site to help them gain and maintain their independence from technical people just to update their site’s content.

Citrus Research Board


  • The site is located at
  • Project details and a case study are coming soon for this extensive website, which includes the ability to search PDF file content from PDF files (research papers) contained in their media library, organize research documents, and optionally secure the research document area for members only if ever needed.


Kaweah Medical Foundation




  • The site is located at
  • Project details are coming soon.



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Approved Turbo Systems, INC



California Agricultural Jobs



Ritchie Trucking Service


  • The site is is located at
  • This client was entrusted to us by
  • We integrated a simple employee membership approach to keep administration simple but security high.
  • Office Staff use the site for HR tasks such as job openings. The positions can be displayed publicly or only to inside employees who have a login. They can be set to expire in any number of ways.
  • Met onsite with their team and held frequent conference calls as the site progressed.
  • Provided media and content services to help bolster the site’s overall message.
  • Worked with to achieve the design the client wanted.


Habitat For Humanity Tulare-Kings Counties


  • The site is located at
  • The site is built on a standard WordPress theme. It is in the process of being rebuilt with mobile compatibility.
  • The website’s owner is extremely proficient in graphic design, art, and writing.
  • The website is used as a major fundraising and social awareness tool, with lots of cross-linking to internal resources and social media properties they own.


Valley Oak SPCA


  • The is located at
  • The site is built on an iThemes Builder Theme. The design was adapted from a previous version of the site.
  • Employees use this site for fund raising, social awareness, to facilitate pet adoption or lost pet recovery, and sell a few items online.
  • The site includes our Deep CMS Integration, training videos, and user guides.


Sequoia Prompt Care


  • The site is located at
  • The site is built on an iThemes Builder Theme. The design was adapted from a previous version of the site.
  • A system for displaying patient wait times was integrated into the site.
  • The site helps raise awareness that there are two locations available within the Visalia City Limits.
  • The site includes our Deep CMS Integration, training videos and user guides. We provided online screen sharing training as well.


Sacramento River Delta Grown


  • This website is located
  • The site was funded by a grant from UC Davis, and we were vetted and approved for the project.
  • The Deep CMS integration includes a way to easily create content that visitors can then filter easily filter from this page here:
  • Consluting services for the organization of content and the order in which to display information on certain pages such as
  • Graphic Design services included resampling many existing items they sent to us, some not available from original artwork files (Ai, PSD, etc…) so we used different processes to re-process what was available and make it changeable for the project.


Windows Plus Construction Inc


  • This site is located at
  • In addition to the website’s design, we provided graphic design services for a company timeline, re-sampling all selected images for better fit within the home page slider, writing services, and consulting services for determining the best site map arrangement given the content anticipated.
  • The site is meant to operate with a “ring” of sites, the second one of which is planned to go live before the end of the year.
  • Consulting services included defining the desired end-user experience based on audience, and developing a content strategy (we include images and media as part of that strategy) that would fulfill certain objectives.


Griswold LaSalle


  • The site is located at
  • Consulting services included creating a Core Value Proposition based on the concept of trustworthiness that would then be reflected in content and in the design we derived from it.
  • This is an iThemes Builder Site that contains our Deep CMS Integration.
  • The client’s staff was personally and fully trained on the site, and has our video training system in place for reference.


California Celery Research Advisory Board

Some highlights include:

  • Secure researcher login
  • Extensive research article library with advanced custom user interface design
  • Preservation of user logins through site migration

We will be profiling this website more extensively in the near future.

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The Downtown Visalians


  • The site is located at
  • Other project details coming soon.


Hester Orchards


Purified Water and Ice


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Yolo County Visitor’s Bureau


 This site is located at More details are coming soon. Read More→

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