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Deep CMS Integration

wp-cmsWe build using a starting system called WordPress. This provides a developer-friendly code base to enhance it’s already feature-rich content management system. WordPress is familiar to most developers that have spent any time at all working with websites built with content management systems.┬á That is what we are building for you – a website built with a content management system. But our build approach takes it quite a bit farther.

When we build a WordPress website, we restructure things so that areas like the icons in the site header, the conditional display of things in sidebars, the updating of content within complex layouts such as are frequently found on a home page, giant page background images…all these areas we focus on making accessible and manageable by non-techies, with training of course. And we make it safe to do so.

We also enhance the editing environment (it looks very much like a familiar word processor) so that it includes toolbar buttons to help handle some of the more pesky aspects of updating content through a CMS. These include:

  • Buttons for getting rid of odd line breaks
  • Buttons for fixing stair-stepping images that appear when images are left or right-aligned together
  • Buttons for correcting undesirable text wrapping beneath images
  • Buttons for injecting reusable content such as complex tables or column layouts.
  • Natural override of the paragraph stripping feature in WordPress that frustrates everyone.
  • In-page layout tools to create your own content layouts.
  • Direct access to your entire media library
  • Direct access to all your galleries
  • Easy creation of formatted excerpts for teasers and features
  • And much more…
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