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Clarity and Perspective

clarityOur first priority is clarity. To that end we see documentation as useful to a point. For instance, with a website build we find it better to obtain the majority of our understanding (and yours) through visual mockups, interactive prototypes, and collaborative online reviews that show, not tell, what we are agreeing to do together. These can then become important historical references as the project progresses.

Our next priority is perspective. While we endeavor to be a bridge for you to stride across your obstacles and reach your goals, we can only do so if everyone shares the same perspective of how we will make this happen. Working with us is a highly collaborative experience because of the kind of solutions our websites provide.


All this is to provide the best service and experience to our clients, many of whom have deeply personal reasons at stake to make sure their website isn’t difficult to manage or difficult to obtain in the first place.  To that end we provide our Memorandum of Understanding, which describes up front our capabilities and our limitations. Most of our work requires Project Plans, but for website work in particular the Memorandum of Understanding helps us all avoid misunderstandings from the start. When you work with us, you are agreeing to this Memorandum of Understanding.

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